Ryan & Lisa Smith ~ GRM Pastors

Pastors Ryan & Lisa Smith are a husband and wife, that were joined together to devote their lives to pursuing the Lord.

They were both rescued by the Lord from lifestyles of addictions to a variety of vices, and were filled with His Spirit, to be witnesses of the transforming love and power of Jesus Christ.

Ryan & Lisa now carry a vision to lead a people who want to know Jesus and follow Him everywhere He leads us.

Ryan & Lisa both Pastor and serve in a leadership capacity at GRM.


Janice Holcomb ~ GRM Leader

Jesus has captured Janice’s heart, took her from feeling unloved to loved, and gave her a hope and a future!

Janice desires that others will experience the Lord’s love and forgiveness, and have the promise of Eternal life.

Her passion is for people to know our awesome God through His Son Jesus Christ.

Janice serves in a leadership capacity at GRM.


Kim O’Neill ~ GRM Leader

Kim is highly gifted in Administration, the gift of Encouragement and Helps.

Kim has a Servant’s Heart and enjoys expressing that in leadership, as well as serving others in the surrounding community.

Kim’s desire is for everyone to experience the love of the Father through a personal relationship with Jesus.

It is only through the Lord that we receive and experience true healing and freedom.

Kim serves in a leadership capacity at GRM.




Ryan & Lisa Smith

Kim O’Neill

Janice Holcomb

Tom & Sue Bair

JP & Megan Patterson

Christa Snoke




 Kim O’Neill

Peter & Danielle Lentz

Christa Snoke




We understand that worship is a privilege and a gift, given to us by Jesus.

Therefore we take great honor in ministering praise and worship to God before His Throne.

Expressing the Holy Spirit’s revelation of Jesus Christ through praise and worship provides a unique corporate encounter in His Presence that should be shared with passion, joy, and unashamed!


JP Patterson, Worship Leader, Guitarist & Vocalist

Megan Patterson, Violinist

Steve Patton, Lead Keyboard & Vocalist

Bob Brown, Guitarist, Keyboard & Vocalist

Ryan Smith, Drummer

Peter Lentz, Lead Guitarist

Elena Patton, Vocalist

Danielle Lentz, Vocalist

Devin Davis, Vocalist